Best useful libraries for Flutter Development

Best Flutter useful libraries

Here are the top Flutter libraries to help you get started with your app development projects.


For state management, Provider acts as a wrapper over the Inherited Widget. It enables you to maintain a state object in the widget tree and make it available to any widget that descends from it.

  • It populates the state object with data and declutters the object when it is removed from the widget tree.
  • Furthermore, it extends the life of state-owned property.
  • It’s possible to utilize it to pass data to widgets.

URL Launcher

You may use URL Launcher to add a plugin to each page. It facilitates the opening of a specified URL using preset schemes that perform a variety of activities in mobile applications. It supports a variety of URL systems, including mailto, HTTP, SMS, and others.

  • Both Android and iOS are supported.
  • The codes assist in the operation of the page using a programming language.
  • When you want the URL to be handled by the operating system.

FL Chart

FL Chart is a fantastic Flutter library for creating graphs. It’s only one graphic end path. There are several styles and patterns for creating graphs or charts that aid in rapidly locating papers in the section.

  • It functions as a software index, guiding the user to the file they are looking for.
  • Graphics are simple to create and use.
  • Apps that use a lot of data are ideal for this.


GetIt is a very helpful and well-known Flutter library. It reverses the dependency injection pattern as well as the implementation of the control container. To make it unique, it’s also necessary to stick to a set style pattern and go through the same package several times.

  • With a proper format, this is a professional tool.
  • REST API clients, databases, and other service objects are frequently accessed via this method.

Path Provider

There are specific path providers that may be used to seek for a file on an Android or iOS system. Path provider is a useful plugin for quickly locating frequently used file system locations. Path providers use keywords or categories to guide you to the right info.

  • Developers will find it simple to code.
  • Enable both internal and external storage.



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