Flutter 2.8: New features and updates

Flutter 2.8: New features and updates

Google has released a new version of Flutter that includes new features and improvements. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at what’s new in Flutter 2.8. With its new features and improvements, Flutter moves one step closer to robust desktop compatibility. Flutter, The future of mobile app development to build a successful career as a Flutter developer, this is the best time for you to choose the best Flutter training in Kochi to learn Flutter from scratch.

Flutter 2.8

We know that Flutter is a framework that supports mobile, web, and desktop development in a single codebase such as dart. This allows developers to focus on what to build as per the requirements. It eliminates the confusion of selecting the platform for app development. Flutter also offers a high-performance, high-productivity in applications. Developers may target multiple platforms for app development using a single codebase.

New features

  • The primary goal of Flutter 2.8 is mobile performance.
  • In addition, the most recent version makes it easier to integrate apps to back-end services like Firebase and Google Cloud.
  • The camera and web plugins were significantly improved in the current edition.
  • Dart 2.15, which made significant improvements to concurrency, is also included in the current release.
  • Flutter release of Flame 1.0 — a 2D game engine for game development.
  • A new update in DevTools adds support to profile your app’s performance.
  • Web view support using HtmlElementView.
  • Improvement in DartPad that allows 23 new package support.
  • DartPad API, authentication and Firestore support for Firebase.
  • Support Firebase ODM(Obect/ Document Mapping) improves productivity of Flutter application

Flutter is the current trend for mobile app development. It is very important to learn Flutter from basics to an advanced level to become a pro in Flutter app development. This is the right time to opt a Flutter course from the best Flutter app development training in Kochi to learn the latest changes made by Google in Flutter 2.8.




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Krishnendhu A

A Content marketing enthusiast

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