How to improve speed and performance of Flutter apps

Krishnendhu A
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

Performance is an important component for any application or product, and it is affected by a combination of variables.

In general, when you design apps in Flutter, the performance results are acceptable, but you may still have performance issues with your app. In this article, we are discussing how to improve the speed and performance of Flutter apps. You can learn more about Flutter from the best Flutter training in Kochi and build your successful career as a Flutter developer.

Let’s have a look into the following factors to improve the speed and performance of Flutter applications

  • By using Stateless Widgets
  • Subdivide heavy build functions
  • Avoid helper functions for rendering the user interface
  • Subdivide Big Widgets Into Smaller Widgets
  • Avoid re-creating widgets: Avoid using setState to rebuild StatefulWidgets that will impact app performance. When a user interacts with the widget, the entire view is updated, modifying the scaffold, background widget, and container — greatly increasing the app’s load time.
  • Make use of persistent widgets: Constant widgets are initialized at compile time. This will result in a frequent re-build while executing const widgets, this can be solved by using final keywords in suitable ways.
  • Load list items quickly and on-demand: When working with list items, developers often use the widgets SingleChildScrollView and Column in collaboration. If you continue to use the same collection of widgets while working with large lists, things may rapidly get cluttered. This is because each item is added to the list and then presented on the screen, increasing the total load on the system.

Flutter app development provides various advantages to businesses that focus on creating effective mobile applications with a visually attractive design. Flutter, being a Cross-platform development framework, is jam-packed with features and is always evolving with new versions, Flutter app speed is always a critical factor. A reliable app ensures quicker rendering and optimal resource use, resulting in a bug-free and smooth user experience. It also has a huge impact on the popularity of an app. So, if you’re thinking about learning mobile app development, it’s best to learn from professionals. To stay productive in this competitive market, choose a Flutter course in Kochi to assist you in creating aesthetically stunning and interactive cross-platform mobile apps from scratch.