How to set up Firebase Authentication in Flutter application

Krishnendhu A
2 min readOct 21, 2022

Authentication enables you to modify the experience using user-specific data, whether you’re developing an easily interpretable application. It is also essential for security and getting more privacy.

A preconfigured backend service called Firebase Authentication makes it incredibly simple to integrate with a mobile app utilizing an SDK. For the authentication process, you don’t need to manage any backend infrastructure, and Firebase offers interaction with well-known identity providers like Google, Facebook, and GitHub. You can grab more about Flutter development from the best flutter training center in Kerala.

Make a project using Flutter and Firebase. Use the following command to start a new Flutter project.

flutter create flutter_authentication_project

Open your Flutter project in Android Studio or Visual Studio Code. You must go to the console in order to build a new Firebase project before you can integrate it with your Flutter project. Create a new project and set a name for the project. You can disable Google Analytics because it is not required for this following experiments. You’ll be redirected to your Firebase project dashboard after creating your project.

Configure Firebase for iOS, Android

You must complete a few configurations for each platform in order to use Firebase with Android, iOS.

Import plugins for Firebase

You must import the necessary plugins before you can begin to develop the authentication logic.

  • firebase_core, which is needs to use any Firebase service in a Flutter app
  • firebase_auth, to get access to Firebase Authentication connection

Add the following plugins to your pubspec.yaml file:

dependencies:        firebase_core : version
firebase_auth : version
google_sign_in: version

Make the backend code necessary to provide your Firebase’s login information. In your pubspec.yaml file, you must first add the firebase core and firebase auth packages. Now, in your main function found in main.dart, you must initialize the Firebase app.

void main() async {
await Firebase.initializeApp();
runApp(const MyApp());

These are the important steps to add firebase authentication in Flutter application. You should follow the above-mentioned dependencies with latest versions for avoiding version conflicts. This is the right time to learn more about Flutter from the best flutter online training in Kochi.