Is Kotlin is better than Java?

Although Java is a battle-tested technology that has been part of the tech scene for decades, Kotlin is a relatively new one. However, the Kotlin group is continuously growing. Note that Google made Kotlin the second official language for the creation of Android apps in 2017 and Kotlin became its primary language in 2019. We have seen a dramatic increase in demand from companies and developers alike for this programming language since then. With Google’s recognition as the preferred language for Android app developers, Kotlin has taken the tech scene by storm.

When it comes to Android app development, Java is the favourite of many developers, largely because Android was written in Java itself. Java is an OOP language developed by Sun Microsystems (now property of Oracle),which has the title of the second most active language on GitHub. And no wonder, it has been around for more than 20 years, and its success only seems to increase. And hence Android app development courses also started to witness a tremendous rise.

Both languages has their own priority some app development training institute in kochi gives training in both languages

Pros of Java Language

• Easy to Learn
• Flexibility to run on both virtual machine and browser window
• Android SDK consists of a number of Java libraries
• Java has a large open-source ecosystem
• Accelerated assembly in Gradle
• Java apps are a lot more compact than Kotlin
• High development speed
• Large Community(Developers get help on almost any issue, bug, or problem of their Java code with the help of large GitHub and Stack Overflow communities.)

Cons of Java

• Java has limitations that cause Android API design problems.
• Java calls for more code to be written that brings a higher risk of bugs and errors
• In contrast to a variety of other languages, slower (Java requires more memory)

To add some modern features to Java that are useful in mobile development, Kotlin was developed by JetBrains programmers (the guys behind integrated development environment) Kotlin is an open source, Java Virtual Machine(JVM) oriented, statically typed language ,but you can also compile it into JavaScript or Native to build code that can run on iOS. Installing the Kotlin plugin and letting it customise your project is all it takes.

Pros of Kotlin Android app development courses

• It is very simple to switch from Java to Kotlin via Android Studio.
• It includes a smart extension function that helps to create simple APIs
• Much more concise than Java
• Developers benefit from Anko library and more than 2000 Kotlin project on Github
• Places null directly in the type system
• Maintenance Ease-Kotlin for Android developers is easy to maintain with the support of a large number of IDEs, including the Android studio and many other SDKs. Additionally, developers can work with any toolkit they are comfortable with.

Cons of Kotlin

• A steep learning curve when you turn from Java to Kotlin
• Slower speed for compilation compared to Java (nsome cases, it is very fast, and in other cases, it is significantly slower.)
• Less group of developers Support
• Android Studio’s compilation and auto-complete tend to get slower compared to Java.
• Developers scarcity

Learning everything from scratch would be a difficult and time-consuming process. But with guidance and support from the right android app development training institute anyone can be masters. Skillsets are gained by knowing and learning more, so an android internship in Kochi or in any other major cities is an essential benefit for your future. If you are a developer, then STEPS Kochi will assist you in upgrading your skills to the newest trends through Android app development training.

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