Is your network prepared for automation with Ansible

Network automation is an approach in which software automatically configures provisions, manages and tests network devices. It is used to raise efficiency and reduce human error and operating expenses. Automation let NetOps teams to quickly configure, scale, secure, and integrate network infrastructure and application services.

Ansible is a simple, powerful automation platform which helps you streamline and manage complex datacenter environments, from servers and networks to applications and DevOps. It gives support for legacy and open network infrastructure devices across multivendor virtual and physical environments, so you can automate your whole network using a single tool.

By using a common language, Ansible makes daily tasks repeatable and scalable, so you can run your network more effectively. Ansible’s flexible framework grabs incremental change, so you can start small and expand over time. You can control your network infrastructure throughout the total production life cycle with Ansible.

Based on open source standards Ansible gives you a simple, powerful path to modern network operations, while still keep up your current processes and legacy infrastructure.


Special programming skills are not required, Ansible uses human-readable automation through YAML based playbooks and roles. Tasks are executed in order and can be combined to automate even the most complicated processes.


Ansible can automate your whole datacenter by using modules and plugins It transfers instructions over existing transport mechanisms and provides templating engines for large-scale automation. You can also use existing CLIs and APIs directly within Ansible.


There is no need to install agents on networking devices, supporting you to avoid interoperability issues. A low attack surface enhances network security.


Ansible started as a tool for developers to automate tasks quickly and easily. Following this, the Ansible community has grown to 7,500 contributors in 2018. Now, you can apply best practices from years of server automation to your network, reducing your risk.

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