Kotlin or Java for Beginners

Let’s go through the comparison between Java and Kotlin.

  • Java is a high level programming language which is robust and object- oriented in nature which is developed by the famous Sun Microsystems.
  • Kotlin is also objected oriented in nature and is statically-typed, general-purpose programming language developed by the programmers of JetBrains and also it is the first option to android development.

Here are the comparison of some features in Kotlin vs Java

  • Exceptions are the first feature that we are discussed to find the major difference in Kotlin and Java. Before that let’s go through the question of what is an exception? Exceptions are nothing but some problems that affect the normal flow of the program in execution. In Java, checked exceptions are available, but it’s not supported by Kotlin.
  • The second feature is extension function, it’s also available in Kotlin but in Java we need to create a class to perform the extension function.
  • The next feature is constructors, both Java and Kotlin support the feature of a constructor with a slight difference in nature. The Kotlin has primary and secondary constructor to perform its actions, but in Java it uses parameters to initialize attributes.

The Future of Kotlin



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