What is Python’s Try except and how does it work?

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As a Python programmer, you’ve almost certainly encountered an exception. Python throws an exception if you try to run a script that has a syntax problem. In this article, learn about how to deal with these errors as they emerge if you want to be a great programmer.

What is Try Except in Python?

Try method is used as Error and Exception Handling:

1. Syntax errors are produced by Python translates source code into byte code.

2. Exception Errors are errors that occur during the execution of a program.

We use the Try and Except statement used to handle these errors within our code in Python. The try block is used to check for mistakes in code; the code inside the try block will run if the program contains no problems. The code in the except block, on the other hand, will run whenever the program meets an error in the try block before it.



// Test block of code


// Executed if error in try block

How Does Try() Work?

The following are the several steps involved in the operation of try:

  • Between the try and except clauses, the try clause is executed.
  • If there is no exception, only the try clause will be executed, and the except clause will be terminated.
  • If an exception occurs, the try clause will be bypassed and the except clause will be executed.
  • If the code’s except clause fails to handle an exception, the exception is sent to the outer try statements.
  • If the exception is not handled, the execution is terminated.
  • There can be more than one unless a clause in a try statement.

Exception Handling

Exceptions are objects that are derived from the fundamental Python class Exception. The Exception object contains details about the type of error that occurred in your code. Python comes with some built-in exceptions, and libraries can extend the Exception class to provide their own.

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