Why Django become more popular

Why Django

  • Very Stable.
  • Facilitate ORM and support middleware.
  • Provide more security compared to any other frameworks.
  • It has in-built csrf protection.
  • Have built-in support of most of the popular databases.
  • Better feature providing for image/file uploading and its management.
  • Django can be run easily using the command prompt on both Windows and Linux.
  • Extension of Django file is .py.
  • Have a python unit test framework.
  • Django provides a CRUD interface for database management.
  • It is time- and crowd-tested. Principles followed by Django:
  • Rapid development principle, which means developers can do more than one iteration at a time, also they can make use of built in modules without starting the whole schedule from scratch.
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), which means avoiding code duplication. This helps the developers to meet their deadlines by saving their time.




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Krishnendhu A

Krishnendhu A

A Content marketing enthusiast

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