Why Flutter is important in 2020 onwards?

Today, special attention has been given to the development of mobile apps that can be used for contactless payments, online shopping, e-learning, and everything we can imagine. The 5G technology improves smartphone capabilities and mobile growth. That is why evaluating what developments are in the software arena to keep up with the fast-growing innovations is significant and important. New requirements of the 21st century should be faced by languages, structures, and toolkits. It’s the fastest efficiency, automation, great UI, very short time spent on growth, and in their smartphones, many advantages new generations want and need. Among the mobile growth patterns, we could crystallize for 2020–2021.

Want to know what makes flutter, with a smooth experience, a flexible and sufficient framework?

The following are big reasons that make flutter a real deal:

1. Cross-Platform App Development

The magic of Flutter is that you write code simultaneously for iOS and Android. One engineer from Flutter can cope with both platforms, which means less development time. When an individual is responsible for the code, it is very effective, because work will not be distributed between two or more engineers.

2. Beautiful Custom UI Designs

Flutter has generic UI patterns that are derived from reusable widgets. It lowers the necessity for individually setting UI properties such as styling, colors, etc. Via editing the code for both Android and iOS flutter applications, the UI and business logic can be updated worldwide.

3. Fast Performance

With the Hot Reload option, Flutter stands out. The code can be previewed by engineers as they create it.They drive modifications on the go if necessary, fix bugs, experiment without recompiling the app with UI blocks . By the way, the Flutter 1.20 update has already been released by Google with faster performance and UI improvements. Flutter teams set to output and made default icons for tree shaking. It helps to reduce the app’s size by deleting icons that are not used.

4. Desktop and web app capabilities

The Flutter team ruined conventional approaches to the development of cross platforms. Instead of separating mobile and web growth, they chose to combine various operating systems under one technology. At the same time, it does not hurt efficiency and Flutter provides engineers with so much support by deleting icons that are not used.

Flutter mobile applications with web support have been allowed by Google, which means web view control enables interactive content to be accessed and displayed without rewriting. Among the most common new features in Flutter is the Desktop. The team works on the first-in-class experience of flutter desktop applications. Flutter supports desktop applications for MacOS and Linux, and support for Windows platforms is currently under development.

5. Dart

This is another reason why developers like flutter because Dart is a language specified by class, object-oriented, garbage-collected, using a C-style syntax that optionally trans-compiles into JavaScript. Let’s just understand some of the main characteristics of darts: AOT Dart uses compilation in advance and not only helps to start easily, but also to customize its Flutter widgets because of this. JIT Dart also uses JIT means compilation just in time, which allows you to use the hot reload feature.

6. Single Codebase for All Platforms

The developer needs to write a single code (Dart) base for all platforms in a flutter, and this is one of the main advantages flutter developers have, here you have the same business logic and the same UI on all platforms, whether it is Android, iOS, web, it helps you to focus on the writing principle once everywhere is running.

7. Similar to Native App Functionality

Flutter applications are written with native machine code in Dart language that reduces JavaScript Bridge and is compiled. This makes it much easier to compile and launch apps than you could like to do with React Native.

8. Hot Reloading

It has always been a problem for native platforms to observe sudden and minor changes while writing code, and Flutter has overcome this drawback with its hot-reload feature, particularly during UI design. Not only will it allow you to quickly repair bugs, but it will also add fresh features without compromising its speed.

9. Testing

Testing has always been an important aspect, and both the native and the flutter have a bit of the same testing method, but some variations make it quick in a flutter.


• Unit Test

• Integration Test

• UI Test


• Unit Test

• Integration Test

• Widget Test

Apps Developed with Flutter

Businesses benefit a great deal from feature-rich and UI-impressive flutter apps. Let’s look at the applications developed with this technology.

Alibaba, the largest marketplace for e-commerce. Flutter was used by the Alibaba group to create an app that now has over 50 million users, called Xianyu.

Realtor.com, a search and leasing website for apartments and homes. The team worked on incorporating Flutter into iOS and Android applications to simultaneously offer seamless UI experiences and enhance the experience of developers.

Google ads allow advertising campaigns to be developed and managed and stats to be seen. With good product or service advertising, it’s a very effective tool to generate leads. Reflecting, AI-driven, personal mobile blog. It provides the ability to build questions to focus on each day. The app has a very lovely GUI. It provides the ability to build questions to focus on each day. The app has a very lovely GUI.

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