Why is Cross Browser Testing Important?

What Features are analyzed in a Browser Test?

  • Base Functionality: To assure that essential functionality works on most browser-OS combinations. For example, you could be testing to check that:
  • All dialogs boxes and menus are working as designed.
  • All form fields get inputs after decisive them accurately
  • The website handles first-party cookies (and features like personalization that are dependent on them) perfectly
  • Seamless touch input for mobiles or tablets
  • Design: This ensures that the website’s appearance — fonts, images, and layout — matches the specifications shared by the Design team.
  • Accessibility: Accounts for consent with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to empower separately-able users to approach the website.
  • Responsiveness: Check that design is fluid and fits different screen sizes/orientations.

How Do I Select Browsers for Testing?

  • Based on popularity: Select the 10–20 most popular or frequently used browsers. Pick the top two platforms — like Android and iOS. This is to maximize your reach in any target market. This is to maximize your reach in any goal marketplace. This is usually what B2C (purchaser dealing with) websites optimize for.
  • Based on: Look at your website’s traffic stats as collected by analytics tools (like Google Analytics or Kissmetrics) and break them down by device/browser. The aim is to find out:
  • Which browser-OS sequence is most generally used by your target audience
  • What devices your website is commonly viewed on

When is Cross Browser Testing Done?

  • During Development: Developers in Continuous Integration pipelines test new features to make sure they’re cross-browser compatible before forwarding the changes to production.
  • In Staging/Pre-Release: QA groups do that for every Release Candidate to ensure that no browser compatibility issues crop up inside the cutting-edge version of the internet site.




A Content marketing enthusiast

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Krishnendhu A

Krishnendhu A

A Content marketing enthusiast

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