Why is that the MEARN stack used for Back-end as well as Front-end?

Krishnendhu A
5 min readNov 4, 2022

MEARN stack may be a web development framework. Its operating elements are Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, Angular JS and Node JS. MEARN Stack may be a JavaScript Stack that’s used for easier and faster deployment of full-stack net applications.

Every of these 5 nice technologies provides an end-to-end framework for the developers to work in and every of those technologies play a large half within the development of software system applications

With these technologies mongo dB may be an info system, Node JS may be a back-end runtime atmosphere, categorical JS may be a back-end net framework and React and Angular JS may be a front-end framework.

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Components of MEARN:

Here are the main points of what every of those elements are employed for in developing an online application once using MEARN stack:


MongoDB may be NoSQL info, where every record may be a document comprising key-value pairs that are similar to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. MongoDB is versatile and allows its users to make schema, databases, tables, etc. Credentials that is special by a primary key form up the basic unit of MongoDB. Once MongoDB is put in, users will build use of mongo shell likewise.


Express may be a back-end net application framework for the Node.js framework. Instead of writing the code using Node.js and making loads of Node modules, categorical makes it easier and easier to put in writing the back-end code. Categorical helps in planning nice net applications and APIs. Categorical supports several middleware’s that makes the code shorter and easier to put in writing.


React may be a JavaScript library that’s used for building user interfaces. React is employed for the event of single-page net applications, complicated software system applications, and mobile applications. React will to modify apace dynamic information. React is AN ASCII text file JavaScript library which will be used for making views rendered in html. Not like AngularJS, React isn’t a framework. It’s a library.


AngularJS may be a discontinued free and ASCII text file JavaScript-based net framework for developing single-page applications. it absolutely was maintained primarily by Google and a community of people and firms. It aimed to alter each the event and also the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures, together with elements normally employed in web applications and progressive net applications.


A cross-platform JavaScript runtime atmosphere that was initially designed for Google Chrome and later open-sourced by Google in 2008. It’s supposed to create scalable network applications and might execute JavaScript code outside a browser. Node.js provides a JavaScript environment that permits the user to run their code on the server (outside the browser).

Now queries would possibly arise that why use MEARN, It’s straightforward. Because of its benefits over development.

Advantages of a MEARN Stack

The key profit for developers using the MEARN stack is that each line of code is written in JavaScript and JS, a programming language that’s used each for client-side code and server-side code.

With multiple programming languages, developers need to figure out a way to interface them along. With stack developers solely have to be compelled to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON. In general, victimization the MEARN stack allows developers to create very efficient net applications.

1. Go with a pre-built in depth suite of technologies tools.

2. The fundamental building block of React may be an element that maintains its state likewise as renders itself. An element summarizes the state of knowledge and consider and this is often however it’s rendered. By rending an application into elements permits the developers to specialize in the event and reasoning of the appliance.

3. Feasibility of 5 technologies: Mongodb, express, react, angular and node.js.

4. Supports model read controller design to create the event method flow smoothly.

5. As React will run on the server, its code may be used on each browsers and servers.

6. All the technologies in MEARN Stack square measure free and open supply.

7. Again, MEARN stack additionally covers the whole development cycle — ranging from front-end development to backend development.

8. Cover the complete web development cycle from front-end development to back-end development using JavaScript. You would like to be good in JavaScript and JSON.

9. MEARN stack supports the MVC design that makes the event method hurdle free.

10. The MEARN Stack comes with a collection of pre-built exclusive testing tools.

11. React may be a library. React library provides you with the tools to develop your application and you’ll get com complete freedom to settle on from the library’s functions.

Why is that the MEARN stack the best?

(A) Flexibility and adaptability

MEARN Stack is one amongst the foremost in style easy Full Stack net Development structures. It helps us improve our applications to a good extent. you do not have to be compelled to learn multiple programming languages for net application development as a result of MEARN stack covers each front-end likewise as back-end. It’ll provide you with the advantage of employing a single language i.e. JavaScript, for net development that makes it very effective and powerful.

(B) Career Opportunities

There is a large demand for MEARN Stack developers within the business as these professionals square measure a valuable quality to any company. Be it tiny, medium or large company, all square measure searching for MEARN Stack professionals.

© open-source Technology

Startups love MEARN as a result of it’s an open-source code that’s constantly being improved by technical school specialists round the world. All elements of MEARN Stack square measure open supply, and so you’ll be able to use it to create strong web apps.

(D) Permits you to create fast

The MEARN stack depends on open-source technologies that developers will use freely, which suggests you do not have to be compelled to build everything from scratch. For instance, if you would like a blogging platform, chances are high that somebody has already developed a well-liked framework like Word Press.

(E) Straightforward to use

It’s straightforward to know and use, creating it a perfect selection for beginners learning net development.

(F) Great Community Support

MEARN stack may be a web development framework. Every of these 5 nice technologies provide an end-to-end framework for the developers to work and it get more support.

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